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Patent Draw
   I work with patent attorneys and inventors to prepare patent and
trademark illustrations that meet the U.S. and Foreign Patent Office
requirements. In addition, I help to support inventors in their efforts, by
preparing 3D solid model and manufacturing drawings of their
inventions. Creating a 3D model of your project allows you to check
operability and see exactly how the final product will look before making
a significant investment into manufacturing and production.

My ability to assist the inventor makes me so much more than just a
patent illustrator. I am able to collaborate throughout the entire idea
development process, helping with feasibility, design, requirements
and visualization.

I started
Patent Draw to provide these services to my clients without the
inflated prices of other illustration companies and at a quality that
surpasses what you’re used to. I utilize the latest CAD/design software
from Autodesk, Solidworks and Adobe to create your patent drawings
and solid models.

Combining artistry and technical excellence, I fulfill my commitment to
provide you with the highest level of quality and service.

Capabilities include complex hand and computer-aided drawings. I
work from any type of starting point such as an inventor’s disclosures,
rough sketches, blue prints, prototypes or computer-aided drawings in
any format.

As a freelance illustrator with tremendous experience, I can offer you
something other illustration companies cannot. I will dedicate
tremendous time, attention and passion to your project, as well as my
knowledge of the industry. I am also available at any time to help get
your project completed quickly and efficiently.
My extensive experience and skills in the patent illustration field
guarantee top quality professional service.

I am confident that if you try my services for one of your projects you will
be completely satisfied.

Give me a call today to discuss your next project or if you have any
questions about my qualifications and services. I look forward to
hearing from you!

Call 513.390.9140 or email        
Affordable patent and trademark
illustration/drafting services
"Bringing knowledge, experience, friendly
service and passion to the field of patent
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